Real time accelerometer display from three BBC Micro:bits

I submitted an article to Circuit Cellar magazine on how I get real time data display from three BBC Micro:bits real time. Please find a video showing this in action below. On the screen to the right of the juggling clown, you can see the accelerometer data. Each BC Micro:bit has a three axis accelerometer in it. For each Micro:bit I get the average from all three axis as a single value. On the screen three are three traces, one for each Micro:bit. As the boards are juggled, the accelerometer values are sent by radio to a receiver Micro:bit connected to the computer. This Micro:bit acts as a go-between for the juggled Micro:bits and the computer. The accelerometer data is plotted real time using a script I wrote in Python, using the pyqtgraph library.

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